"You are so beautiful, sweet and talented. Thanks for sharing your huge talent."

Time for Your Weekly Escort Appointment to Be Coddled by Your Mummy-for-Hire


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11 February 2010

It’s just about time for my standing appointment… just need to apply my dark red shade of motherly lipstick and tie my frilly apron around my waist… my client should be here any moment. He’s such a joy to play with every week for a full four hours. He wants to treated like a big mumma’s boy, coddled and smothered by me, as a different mummy to enjoy. And I’m so wonderfully good at it! I love being motherly, almost smothering, with lots of cuddling and play tickling and teasing and pampering my client.

I’ll start with the usual and the role begins just as soon as he enters the door with doting on him, using loving baby talk, wiping his nose for him, and tending and caring for him in all the usually motherly ways. He’s such a darling.

I have a really hot session planned for him today. I’ll start with a warm, tender sponge bath, coddle him with a breast feeding in my lap, and end with a gentle handjob. Oh, I already know he’ll be eager to return for more next week!