Game Guide

Welcome to the world of seriously sexy play… where gaming intersects with erotic video… where skills enhancement crosses with your masturbatory fun.

You may have noticed that I’ve performed a few highly popular video series (all right, many more than a few!) based on the themes of games and challenges.  They’re designed to be enjoyed separately or together and in any order you wish.  BUT… those of you who like to take things a bit more seriously, the likes of you who love to ask me just how to build up your personal sexual prowess, stamina, and “staying power,” and those of you who love a serious challenge and strict instructions, will love the opportunity to follow a real game guide: The Tara Tainton Game Guide.

 Tara Tainton Erotic Games Official Game Guide

One of my most devout fans and a true connoisseur of seriously hot and empowering erotica has compiled the ultimate game guide for masturbatory fun with my videos.  It’s free to download… I expect you’ll report in with your successes and stories.   Leave a comment below, and share your adventures!


The Tara Tainton Game Guide  (pdf format)

Direct links to the video series recommended in the game guide:

High-Speed Masturbation Marathon series

Cock Hero Challenge series

I Own Your Orgasms series

After a busy day there’s nothing more enjoyable than firing up a Tainton game
and having Tara require me to skillfully perform.
Success is never certain, or easy, and that makes earning my reward an exquisite pleasure.

—Robert, game critic