Welcome to my fun-filled page of most Frequently Asked Questions!

I receive more site comments, direct messages, clip requests, than you can possibly imagine.  Yes, more than you can imagine.  Because it’s so important to me to to maintain that one-of-a-kind, intimate connection with my fans and likeminded connoisseurs of the world’s most affecting erotica—the Tara Tainton Experience, I’m taking the time to publicly reply to your most common questions and inquiries right here.  You get instant answers and immediate gratification, and I get more time to devote to all of you in creating the world’s hottest, most genuine, virtually on-top-of-you video… and other sexy projects up my sleeve you’ll be delighted to discover.  We both win!

My Most Frequently Asked Questions

A: Now, you can! This site is the home, the birthplace, of the Tara Tainton Video Experience, where I post instant news of the next #1 new video release and I receive amazing feedback, comments, discussions from my fans about each and every one and how much fun they all have—and what they want next!

Now, LoyalFans is my new second home, home to the Tara Tainton TOTAL Experience! Please do peek in, follow me (it’s 100% FREE!), and stay for a while.  My fans have been asking for it for years, and I finally have the opportunity to offer an extension of the video experience itself, the take-home version, the personalized version, all the exceptional goodies and surprises that will just make your entire life, every day, more erotically charged!!

A: I’m so flattered!  But no, I do not offer that kind of service.  There are many women that do, and their industry has been around a lot longer than mine.  I take my own personal relationships and interactions as seriously as my video performances.  That’s right; they’re all completely genuine, I give them 100% of my true self, and I ensure those I connect with are very satisfied.  The experience you are invited to have with me in every video is my very special gift to you and a piece of our own shared relationship.  On camera, I give you 100% me, genuine intimacy, and a new memory of one of the finest moments of your life.  Enjoy each and every video experience we have together.  I certainly do.

A: As much as I would love to cater to your every need, fulfill your every desire, and be right there when you’re craving me so much and absolutely nothing else and no one else can meet that need, there’s just not enough time in the day to address every fan on an individual basis.  Oh, the erections the world over that I’ll never be able to attend to personally!  Wait a minute… that’s why I film the world’s hottest video—and in right-there-with-you POV style—so that you can have me any time, day or night, whenever the mood strikes or you’re unbearably hard.  Isn’t that amazing?!

A: My bra size varies between a 34D and 34G (34DDD), depending on the mood of my breasts.  I have no idea why!  I guess these boobs love to tease you.  My shoe size is an 8 1/2 to 9 US.

A: Psyche!  No one’s ever asked me this question, at least not as far as I can now remember.  That surprises me, but I guess you don’t ask because the truth is perfectly obvious.  I hear you real fans of breasts know the real thing from a fake a mile away and by every little detail, even when a woman claims her unnatural chest is the real thing.  That ability is amazing.  I’m in awe of you guys!

A: Oh, this hurts me the most of all.  It may mean you don’t realize just how hard I work on each and every video, how much of my time, energy, creativity, talents, skills, and technical savviness go into each and every one.  Did you know that I do my own filming?  Have to buy my own equipment, take the time to precisely edit every video for the perfect viewing experience, and even develop your ideas (and mine) into the incredible video experiences you see in my catalog?  Just take a look at my About page to see how and why I make the world’s hottest videos for you.  I love that you love what I work so hard on and take the time out of my own life to do with you in mind.  Because I am giving you the best, a real piece of me with every performance, I can’t give it all away for free.

A: Not right now.  I’ve offered such sexy items in the past (well, not all of them that my clever fans think to ask for!), but there are many complications with shipping, taking orders, and taking the time to add this extra service to my very busy schedule, taking time away from creating the videos you love so much.

A: Oh, I love them all!!  You know I do.  I love natural men, trimmed men, men of all sorts.  I love you just the way you are, and you know it when you watch me talk to and treat you in every video!

A: You may!  Let’s just hope it doesn’t get trapped in my spam folder, because you’ll be needing it when you watch my videos.  Taking the extra time to give you those personal comments you’re looking for though, is another matter.

A: My personal site, which you’re on right now, is free—always has been, always will be—for my deserving fans.  Load up on hot photos, sexy free video previews, and correspond with me directly.  We have so much fun here together.  My video catalog is not offered via a membership site, because my videos are not typical “porn” videos that are cheaply made, not unique, grow stale after awhile, or aren’t sought after in my catalog once they’re no longer brand new.  I create only premium video for the true virtual experience, and my fans get to enjoy the extra pride and continuous satisfaction of personally owning my individual videos that they choose to add to their personal collection.

A: Oh, that does sound enticing!  However, I’m afraid your mistress didn’t make prior arrangements with me personally, so I haven’t had the chance to schedule in time to devote to personally tending to you.  You know what that means… your lovely mistress wants you to miss her, ache for her, and wait for her return.  And you know she wants you to tease yourself endlessly by watching my videos and denying yourself the right to come as only your mistress may permit.

A: Nearly all of my videos are custom videos!  You’ll see them throughout my catalog, personally requested by my own, amazingly creative fans.  So, don’t hesitate to request your own and make a suggestion for my consideration and inclusion in the world’s hottest video catalog.

If you’re looking for an exclusive video for your eyes only and never to be seen by another, my schedule doesn’t leave room for handling and addressing individual orders.  I devote as much of my time as possible to making your favorite video catalog everything you deserve it to be, and I truly enjoy sharing my hard work and creativity with everyone across the globe.  Being granted my personal devotion and time just for you and your private fantasies would cost a fortune—none of my other fans want you to take me away from their emails and performing for them on camera—but if you think you’re more deserving, know and appreciate the full value of my unique style and creative abilities, feel free to try to convince me to focus completely and only on you for your deepest desires. Still… it doesn’t hurt to try to convince me otherwise by making me an offer I cannot refuse—as long as you’re polite about it.

A: Only the gods know the answer to such a question.  There are many, many factors that go into each and every request ever made of me and my talents: time, schedule, content, creativity, length, theme, fetish, details, props needed, requested setting or wardrobe, the current most popular themes in my catalog, present and future demand for specific kinds of videos, what time of year it is, upcoming holidays, how big of a fan of mine you are, how nicely you ask, my creative abilities, my energy level, and my mood… just to name a few.

A: That’s for me to know and enjoy and your fantasies to imagine.

A: As much as I know you love my videos and would love to be granted access to them, I do not offer such access.  And I do devote as much personal attention to my own website design, editing, etc. as I do performing on camera for you.  Everything is created to my own specifications, delivering the exact experience I wish to offer you: the very best experience with my videos.  Thank you very much for the offer of your valuable time; I really do appreciate it.

A: One thing that is all-important to creating the hottest video experiences and most genuine virtual situations on the planet is genuine emotion, intimacy, interaction, and connection.  I ensure that for you (oh, and don’t you just love me for it!) by only filming with a partner I know quite well, have a very close relationship with, and whom is able to work with me to deliver exactly the video experience I have in mind for you for each and every different scenario.  You know and feel the difference this makes; you love the results!

A: As much as I would really love to deliver a signed photo or other personal autograph to my deserving fans, I haven’t found a way to offer them that meets both of our needs. I’m so flattered, and love how devoted you are to my one-of-a-kind videos and on-camera presence.  Please enjoy all of the comments, photos, videos, and messages we share.

A: Oh, I just want to cry inside when I realize you’ve been missing out all this time!  Now, hurry off this page and out of my Contact form, and have a look around my beautiful, sexy site.  I have so many photos, video previews, and other goodies just waiting for you right now!

A: IF you’ve submitted it through my only current channel, direct message through my LoyalFans second-home, then I’ve replied to confirm receipt and all kinds of other personalized chit-chat.

A: Ouch!  No, I’m afraid there’d be legal issues up the wazoo to protect myself if you ever changed your mind after I did the deed!  And it would cost you a bloody fortune!  Please save your money—and your lovely manhood—I want you to be able to enjoy my videos and audio to the fullest extent for as long as you live.

A: Thank you so much for the offer.  My fans are always surprising me with your generosity!  There’s a great deal that goes into creating such amazing video, so many details to look out for and maintain, and I must film within my own locations to ensure every quality condition is met and your viewing experience is perfect.

 A: I love all the invites!  I do love to travel, and I hardly get enough time to leave my important video work even long enough to take a break.  I really appreciate your kindness and generous offers, but I’m just not able to pull myself away from my work.  And you’d hate the state of my catalog if I did!

A: You are so incredibly sweet!  I love the attention, the ideas, and your willingness to devote such personal time and attention to little ol’ me.  I’m afraid I just can’t pull myself away from my work to take up every offer and treat every deserving fan with my time and attention.

A: Oh, don’t delay your gratification any longer!  Hop over to Clips4Sale’s customer service team that’s waiting to take care of any issue you have right this very second.  They’re available every day, all day long, and standing by to take care of any glitches you might experience in the download process, with your account, with your computer, etc.  They’re waiting to help you, so take advantage of them right now, so you can start viewing your sexy new video!  Click here to reach C4S technical support right now.

A: It’s easy!  You can watch any of my videos or listen to your audio selections from my catalog just by opening up iTunes on your computer and importing your downloaded video or audio purchase.  Once that hot new file is in iTunes, simply connect and sync up your portable device just as you always do, and my hot creation will be right there for you to enjoy immediately!  Specifically for your iPad, the free app “Download” allows you to download files straight to your iPad from any links just as you would on a computer.

A: No, I’m afraid I’m not a smoker and no cigarette, etc. has ever touched these beautiful lips.

A: How big of a fan is he/are you??  Depending on the situation, you may be able to persuade me.

A: My premium video is precisely priced according to its immense value, genuine virtual experience offered, my own exceptional skills and talents, the cost of my own time, expenses, and equipment, and what my video and audio offer you that no one else’s can.

A: Unfortunately, the cost and time of creating other formats for my videos is too costly.  Enjoy my full, easy-to-download catalog for instantaneous gratification.