"I do really appreciate the energy and imagination you put into this and will continue to respect this really unique craft you've mastered."

Teasing and Reassuring My Big Momma’s Boy Sitting on Momma’s Warm Lap


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9 January 2010

Where’s my sweet big boy? Are you hiding from your momma again… always playing games… There you are! Come here and sit on momma’s lap. Now, be gentle and don’t wiggle too much; you’re very big and your momma’s very small!

You’ve grown up so much… and STILL living in your momma’s house! Well, we know you’re not cut out for being on your own like a real man. No, you were never meant for that, were you? Just momma’s big, BIG boy that needs coddling ALL the time from momma and her hot friends.Oh, now don’t pout or momma will have to pull up your t-shirt and blow bubbles and wet kisses on your tummy to put that bright smile back on her boy’s face! That’s better.

Now, momma needs to talk to you about a few things. Your boss at the massage parlor is a bit concerned for you… and there’s the matter of your big birthday coming up. What do you think about momma taking you to the stripclub? Don’t worry… I’ll be right there to make sure you have a great time and aren’t afraid of those lap dances!