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If You’re Going to Act Like a Baby, Mommy Is Going to Have to Treat You Like One! – Day 3


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17 November 2009

Come here. We need to have a little talk. Now, does that look on your face mean what I think it means? Ah ha! That’s why I already marked the calendar with a big thick “W” for your wet baby diaper sagging around your bottom. Do you remember what the punishment is for waking with a wet diaper on a Saturday?

Well, I think I’m going to have to take your punishment a step further this time. You’ve had to many wet days already this week. I think you need to really feel the humiliation of your childlike behavior. I don’t think you quite feel like the baby you’re behaving like. Hurry up, and hop on my bed. Your mother’s going to have to change you and put you in a fresh diaper for the day.

No big boy potty for you today! No, you’re going to have to go right in your big fat adult diaper all day… NOT get dressed to hide your diaper… and I’m going to use these ice cold wet wipes on your dirty bum. THAT is a feeling you aren’t going to forget soon…