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I love receiving your thoughts, suggestions, stories, ideas—and compliments! I’m always open to your own video scene and audio script ideas, all your fantasies you wish me to bring to life.  That is exactly what has made the Tara Tainton Video Experience so incredible.

I do read and enjoy your respectful comments here—and THANK YOU for providing your own highlights and thoughts for the rest of those in my audience, current and potential, who turn here for specific recommendations.  However, I cannot reply to comments here, even as I wish to thank all of you who take the time to share publicly all your thoughts on my one-of-a-kind videos and audio experiences.

All of my direct messaging has been routed to a single service to enable our best connection. Now, I’ll be able to securely receive every message, any time, day or night. I’ll be instantly notified, able to duly prioritize, and reply to every message received—in a timely manner!

I can’t wait to hear all that you have in store for me!

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