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Coaxing You Through Your Bedtime Routine in Your Mother’s Absence


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10 January 2011

You poor little dear. Look at you, hiding in the dark. Don’t worry, honey, I’ve come to take care of you. Your parents left me in charge while your mother is in the hospital. She’s perfectly fine, just needs some special doctor care. I’m going to be your mother and take care of all of your needs while you’re left on your own.

You do remember me, don’t you? Your neighbor from across the street? You met me when your parents had that nice barbecue last weekend. Don’t be afraid, little dear, we’re going to make sure you have everything you need and stick to all the household rules while your parents are occupied. Now, I think it’s just about your bedtime, isn’t it?

Have you brushed your teeth yet or had your bath? No?? And you don’t know how to do those things on your own? Oh, does your mother do all those things for you? Aren’t you too old for that? Well, let’s get you through your bedtime routine then, step by step, and with loving, doting care. Come on now, sweetie.