"You're simply mesmerizing, the way you use your voice and your eyes to control is out of the ordinary."

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Surprise Reverse Effect! Turning ME into a Ditzy Tween Girl

It's impossible to trick me. I lord it over you like the classic bitch I am. You want control over this relationship, but you'll never have it... not even as a temporary anniversary present. I don't know why you even try  Read more...

The Best Week of Our Lives

Darling... we have the whole week entirely to ourselves - ALONE TOGETHER. Without worrying about getting caught! Does that fill your sexy head with ideas? Read more...

Cum Fu Sex Tournament, Round 8: The Shy Girl Gets Your Worm

SPECIAL DOUBLE FEATURE - TWO OPTIONAL ENDINGS! Your opponent is shy, awkward, and oh-so innocent. She has no clue how to get you off... she just wants to win the money! But it's that demure innocence, that untouched, totally sincere curiosity  Read more...

Mother Caught You Using Her Credit Card to Pay for POV Mommy Porn!

If You Take My Women’s Studies Class, You WILL Learn to Respect Women

A Break Room Rendezvous

Did You Like What You Got to See?

Your Mother Has a Thing or Two to Teach You

What If You Woke Up in My Gorgeous Body…

Mother Says You Can Watch Porn and Masturbate on the Sofa Whenever You Want – Even When She’s in the Room!

Who's Tara?

The modest girl next door becomes the purveyor of your own passions...

I'm your sexy neighbor, your loving girlfriend, your doctor, your nurse, your teacher, your dominating mistress, your mommy, your skilled therapist, your worship-worthy goddess, your hot wife or evil spouse, your playful friend encouraging you to explore your every fetish curiosity, the bratty coed, the bitch after your riches, the MILF you must have, the biggest tease you've ever known, the stern deliverer of your desired punishment, or the succubus of your darkest dreams.

I'm a self-made erotic luminary expressing myself through the fulfillment of your own fantasies.