"You are a world class beauty. Sexy is 80% attitude and your videos are incredible. I have never met a woman who can excite me more with the simple bat of an eyelash or a look in your eyes. You really should try and teach women what sexy means. You have a special talent."

My Poisonous Lips Lure Superman to His Doom


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28 September 2017

Before we begin, I already know how all this ends… it always ends the same way, even though you men just never seem to figure it all out.  Is it because you’re run by your cocks?  Does the call of your cock and your libido hold even more power over you because you’re blessed with superpowers?

Oh, your future woe is of no concern considering the pleasure in store for you beforehand, and I’ll have just as much fun as I ever have playing coy, luring you with my sultry voice and carefully “planted” words, and subliminally calling out to your cock itself… to overrule your thoughts, your morals, your own directive.  Yes, you’ll be mine… but I’m going to toy and play with your for a long time first…

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