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My Poisonous Lips Seduce a New Victim


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31 October 2019

Beware the hot redhead, the uber seductress you spot in a crowded bar. She’s stealing the show for a reason. She’s the queen of tease and sex appeal for her experiences… and victims. Caught within the range of her pheromone dust blown in a simple silky kiss, you’ll be hers forever: gone before the world even realizes you’re missing.

Oh, it won’t be all tragedy. You’ll have the night of your life: seduced, bound, whispered to, ridden, and pumped for all your worth by an incredibly well endowed redheaded mistress. You’ll pass away, as the poison from her lips fills your veins, ever so gently while enjoying the image of her bouncing breasts above you and listening to the sound of her sweet voice…

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