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I’ve Got to Have More of Your Seductive Super Seed


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11 January 2018

I can’t BELIEVE Ultraman managed to drain all my newfound powers by tricking me into drinking a reversal potion!  Now, I’m chained up, bereft, done for.  Or… well, he may have managed to take away the superpowers I’d sucked right out of him upon our last encounter, but I still have my beauty and brains.  Yes, I still have my power of seduction!

Now, if I can just lure him to me again, feign innocence, act all distraught and docile.  Yes, I can ensnare him once again… no one can resist my “seductive reasoning!”  I’ll soon have him close, have him enjoying “taking advantage” of the situation he has me in.  I can even convince him to paint my lips with my poisonous Zelium-tainted lipstick.  Yes, I’ll weaken him, turn him on, and some how, some way, I’ll manage to drink his super seed once again and have his powers for myself.

I’ll break free of the chains that bind me, feel that rush of power surging through my body, transform into my sexy alter ego before his very eyes, and start expressing my newly gained powers.  Oh, how I’m going to love discovering my super breath and x-ray vision!  And so will Ultraman…

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