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Stealing Your Super Seed


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5 May 2017

What are you going to do now, Ultraman? Hmmm?? It looks like you’re trapped in my lab and… well, there’s something I want from you. You see, I’m a clever girl, I’m a sexy intellect, and I’ve figured out how to get wealth and riches… but I want MORE! I want POWER. And that’s where you come in. Oh, I’ve covered every angle and considered every caveat. I’m going to have to steal your superpowers, I’m afraid.

Mmmm… maybe a few kisses first as I straddle you? Feeling even more helpless? That would be the dangerous Zelium in my lipstick. I don’t want to kill you. That is a hard thing to do after all. I just want to take what’s coming to me: your super powers. Just look at my cleavage; you can’t resists me! And now, with my mouth pumping away at your cock, your powers are going to be transferred to ME! And what an amazing moment that will be.

I’ll change before your eyes, be overcome with arousal, feeling the power coursing through my body, my breasts growing tighter in my satin top… and then, well, I’ll be dying to test out my new super body, of course. Super strength… check! Super speed… check! And, as for you, I’ll just have to take care of you with one last kiss.