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My Poisonous Lips Seal Batman’s Fate


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26 August 2011

Hmmmm… what do we have here?? Yes, you’re just what I’ve been waiting for… my Batman come to save me. Finally? Oh, no? Am I wrong? Are you still frightened of me? Still hesitant?

Well, now, be a good host and tend to your guest’s needs. I hope you don’t mind me breaking into your place… why, I didn’t know you had such great taste… in the bedroom. Do you ever have time to play here, Batman? Or do you just work, work, work ALL the time? I think you need a break… and you and I… WE need to get to know each other better. MUCH better.

We’re practically strangers. And that’s a very sad thing. I won’t hurt you. Really. I have no interest in harming a man I’ve had my eyes on all this time. Come closer, Batman. Let me show you just what I have to offer. Let me help you relax…. to take a load off… to let me have control for a bit.

You deserve it. You deserve… me. You deserve the demise you’re fated for….

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