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You Asked for It

A masturbation marathon for your more specific needs and devious preferences? Something humiliating, degrading, downright painful, and purposely prolonged? Is that what you want? Well, I'm here to deliver. In fact, it's my pleasure. We're going to spend a  Read more...

Your Personal Girlfriend: Showing You Just How Much I Appreciate You

There's nothing else like it: the perfect relationship. OUR perfect relationship. Life with the perfect girl, the one who absolutely adores you, dotes on you, makes it her personal mission to make you the happiest man on earth, is absolutely amazing.   Read more...

All Grown Up

For an enthusiastic, just-of-age coed, prepping for college requires sizzling, sensual summertime studies. Susan has just turned eighteen, and she's excited about starting college after the summer break. Just one thing tempers her excitement: her serious lack of experience with the opposite sex.  Read more...

Does My Pussy Feel Like a Young Girl’s?

Honey, would you mind helping me? I could really use your opinion. I'm going out with my girlfriends tonight and well, you know I don't go out much. I really need some fun, you know? Something to do while your  Read more...

I’ve Been Watching You

Women Shouldn’t Play with Experimental Things

Auntie’s Wet in Her Panties

Getting You Off with Gay Porn Fit for a Cock Lover

No Apologies – I’m Going to Have My Way with You

Who's Tara?

The modest girl next door becomes the purveyor of your own passions...

I'm your sexy neighbor, your loving girlfriend, your doctor, your nurse, your teacher, your dominating mistress, your mommy, your skilled therapist, your worship-worthy goddess, your hot wife or evil spouse, your playful friend encouraging you to explore your every fetish curiosity, the bratty coed, the bitch after your riches, the MILF you must have, the biggest tease you've ever known, the stern deliverer of your desired punishment, or the succubus of your darkest dreams.

I'm a self-made erotic luminary expressing myself through the fulfillment of your own fantasies.