"First off, thank you for the effort you put into your vids."

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The Impossible Request – Part 3

I know it will be even harder to get it up a third time, but we absolutely must try, honey. I'm ill, baby, and I need to get better. Please, please try to come again for your mother. But... my mouth  Read more...

Once in a Full Moon

You're so blown away by your luck. You've just brought home an unbelievably sexy girl. She's teasing you... telling you you'll never forget this night. She's showing off all her assets, all her luscious, womanly curves. She's so excited by  Read more...

Schoolgirl Lures You to Eat Your Cum for Her Amusement

Oh, you dirty boy. Did you bring me what I asked for? You're going to need a piece of string and a condom full of your own cum for me this time. You keep coming back for more! I'm going  Read more...

Quick and Dirty Series: My Savage Breasts

Daring Me to Spank You in the Middle of Dinner

The Impossible Request – Part 2

Dumbing Down from Feminist to Cum-Hungry Slut

Horny Witch Grants Your Cock Growth Halloween Wish

You’re Guaranteed to Come Right into Your Mouth

Who's Tara?

The modest girl next door becomes the purveyor of your own passions...

I'm your sexy neighbor, your loving girlfriend, your doctor, your nurse, your teacher, your dominating mistress, your mommy, your skilled therapist, your worship-worthy goddess, your hot wife or evil spouse, your playful friend encouraging you to explore your every fetish curiosity, the bratty coed, the bitch after your riches, the MILF you must have, the biggest tease you've ever known, the stern deliverer of your desired punishment, or the succubus of your darkest dreams.

I'm a self-made erotic luminary expressing myself through the fulfillment of your own fantasies.

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These Are Exciting Times!

The new year brings new, erotically-charged ways to tease, treat, and satisfy you… Are you ready?? I’ve been cooking up many new things behind the scenes, working as hard as always, and letting a few sexy-creative ideas play around in my mind (oh, what a fun place my dirty little mind is!), and I can’t wait to introduce some sexy new temptations to you.

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