"I love your work. You're truly one of a kind and blow my mind."

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Let’s Spank Each Other

Oh, my gosh!! Did you just watch me changing clothes?! Did you see me get out of my bikini?? And just stood there while I got dressed?! Read more...

A Summer to Remember: Your Repeat Seduction by an Irresistible Older Woman Part 6

You're still dreaming of me, wanting me, fantasizing about me in every way imaginable. But today, you're called off to a business lecture, a necessary nuisance in preparation for beginning your college career. You look forward to sleeping off the discussion in  Read more...

This Interview Isn’t for the Secretarial Position?

I can't believe I'm in this position... What is this? Are they all ganging up on me? I mean, I did think it was a little odd there were so many people sitting across from me in my interview. It's not  Read more...

Delving DEEP into Your Subconscious to Become Irresistible to You

I'm going deep, deep, DEEP inside your mind... to the CORE of your being... to your very essence. I'm removing all distractions, closing off all outside influences, manipulating your very thoughts to match my suggestions. You hear only the sensual sound of  Read more...

Ballooning My Body so We Can Both Pop

You want it as badly as I do, don't you. Yes... I want to do that thing. You know, that thing we talked about. I want to blow myself up for you... I want to feel myself inflate... I want to  Read more...

You Can’t Wait to Get a Load of Hot Creamy Cum Down Your Throat

Do you love it when I encourage you… when I coax you into doing those dirty things WE both love so much? I know what you like, what you love to imagine. You want to feel like a hot, sexy, desirable, slutty girl… you  Read more...

Coming After You with My Gorgeous Breasts to Swipe Your Cum and Cash

Who's Tara?

The modest girl next door becomes the purveyor of your own passions...

I'm your sexy neighbor, your loving girlfriend, your doctor, your nurse, your teacher, your dominating mistress, your mommy, your skilled therapist, your worship-worthy goddess, your hot wife or evil spouse, your playful friend encouraging you to explore your every fetish curiosity, the bratty coed, the bitch after your riches, the MILF you must have, the biggest tease you've ever known, the stern deliverer of your desired punishment, or the succubus of your darkest dreams.

I'm a self-made erotic luminary expressing myself through the fulfillment of your own fantasies.

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If you’ve subscribed to my BOX, the big news has been sexily planted right in your inbox, but if you’re late to the party, well, I’ll give you another chance to get in touch with the super sizzling erotica that will help YOU get in touch with YOURSELF. Yes, there’s a new girl on the […]

These Are Exciting Times!

The new year brings new, erotically-charged ways to tease, treat, and satisfy you… Are you ready?? I’ve been cooking up many new things behind the scenes, working as hard as always, and letting a few sexy-creative ideas play around in my mind (oh, what a fun place my dirty little mind is!), and I can’t wait to introduce some sexy new temptations to you.

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