"You understand that a seductive build up and good plot makes the pay off that much more satisfying. I'm not look for a quick wank, I'm looking for an experience and you deliver every single time."

Coercing You into Turning Both of Us on More than Ever Before


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17 August 2017

You know I love you. I REALLY love how you eat your own cum for me on occasion. It really gets me hot! I’ve never come harder than when your head is between my legs, lapping at that fresh hot cum you’ve just deposited in my oozing pussy. And… I’m glad you’ve been willing to go a week without coming just to work up a nice BIG load for me.

There’s something else that gets me really wet: nice, big, HUGE cocks! It’s not your fault that you can’t be enormous… I know that. And you satisfy me in so many ways. Now, why don’t you put that boy-sized penis in a pair of my pretty panties? Right now. Ah, look how hard you are! It turns you on, doesn’t it? To hear me talking of BIG DICK, to think of me getting satisfied and so FILLED? It’s turning you on… and turning me on too. Start stroking yourself… right to the edge… but don’t come yet!

You’re going to watch me get fucked by a sizable cock… right here, right now. This dildo’s going to spread me wide and make your dick drip. We’re going to share it. When I’m through… I’m turning it over to you. You’re going to lick and suck and get that cock all wet with your own mouth and ready for your ass. I’ll tell you just how to work it in… slowly… with a bit of stroking… and a lot of poking. I want that fat cock deeper inside of you than you’ve ever been inside of me!

Oh, you love it, don’t you? My dirty thoughts and instructions are going to send you right over the edge! Then, you’re going to drink your own cum and send me over the edge too! I love that you’re willing to do these sexy things for me…