“You’re really beautiful and I think I’m totally addicted to your videos now!”

"You're really beautiful and I think I'm totally addicted to your videos now!"

Remember to Just Come to Mommy


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4 October 2016

Oh, honey… has it happened again?!  You poor, poor thing…  Well, you did well, just as I asked.  You’ve come to mommy when you’re all frustrated, pent up, ACHING after a date with your girlfriend.

Honey… I want you to understand that some girls want to stay pure until marriage… and that’s a wonderful thing to do for the man she loves.  That’s a compliment!  I want you to understand how to deal with the situation, how to control your needs and behave like a gentleman.

Just lie down on the bed here next to mommy, sweetie… and take off your pants.  Now, I know it can be really hard, honey… and I can tell just how frustrated you are… you do have very important needs, but that’s what mommy is here for.

Now, listen carefully, honey, while I explain… while I straddle you and bounce your discomfort away…

(Followup to “You Just Come to Mommy.”  Enjoy them together or separately!)