“I looooove your work! I’m always so excited to see what you’re doing next!”

"I looooove your work! I'm always so excited to see what you're doing next!"

Your Roommate Encourages You to Dress Up for Hot Play


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21 September 2017

Wake up! Guess what I’ve gone out to do for you?? GUESS!! I’m so excited. I picked up this HOT kinky lingerie set. Oh, yes! I’ve got EVERYTHING you need to completely dress up. Well… you looked so hot in my panties before… I just thought it’d REALLY turn me on to see you dressed in a full outfit… head to toe. I’ve got it all right here.

I want you to try on every bit of it for me… then I’ll take some hot photos of you. I’ll even show you how to pose! Oh, I’m already getting all tingly thinking about it. Please, please do it for me! Oh, and one more thing. Once you’re all dressed up, will you play with your dildo for me… let me watch… really work that prostrate? Oh, come on! Now, THAT would REALLY turn me on!!!