"Obviously, you know that the mind is the #1 erogenous-zone, and it makes me so hard and cum so much because you put so much effort into your vids to make them so believable so that I can just lose myself in the scenario."

Come Home to Me…


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9 August 2016

You’ve been gone so long… You’re my only son, and a hero… MY hero. You’re away on deployment, and I’m at home… without you. We’ve had a “special” relationship for so long and now… my boy… my man… is away from me.

I just hope you’re thinking of me, remembering… everything… I want you to know I’m thinking of you. Every day. Every minute. You know I am. And this is your reminder… to remember what you’re fighting for, what matters most, that you’re loved, that someone’s waiting for you back home.

I’ve never done anything like this before… you know how shy I am in front of cameras! But I miss you so, and I wanted you to know… well, this little video is for you, to hold you over… to make sure you don’t forget me and what we have together. Come home soon…