“You are one of the best adult performers I’ve ever experienced.”

"You are one of the best adult performers I've ever experienced."

You’re Just My Shoe and Nothing More


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29 April 2013

I love days like this: spending money, shopping for sexy shoes, and… turning my slave into an object for my frivolous use.  Don’t attract too much attention, don’t speak out of turn, and definitely don’t remind me how useless you really are when I’m in the middle of trying on a brand new pair of pumps.  Oh, no.  I’m going to have to have some fun with you.  I’m going to have to remind you what you really mean to me: nothing.

Right then and there, I’ll turn you into my right patent leather shoe in a flash.  You’ll be soaking up my foot sweat all the way home again… taking in that sweet scent of my foot stench.  You’re going to be worn down, walked on, and smothered by my pantyhosed foot.  I’m going to tease and taunt you, dip my foot in and out of you, and just when I think you might actually be enjoying being my shoe for the day, I’ll just simply put you away… among all my other shoes on my shoe rack, in the dark where I’ll forget about you just like I have all the others.