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Threatening My New Cuck Hubby with the New Terms and Conditions


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11 October 2009

Now that we’re married, there are rules for you to follow. As your wife, I am in complete control of the household. You will no longer have sex with me; I reserve my sweet pussy only for other men with bigger dicks than yours. Ha!

Now, there are many duties for you to carry out as well, beginning with my extensive shoe collection as you see laid out before you now. Stop staring at my pantyhosed legs! I am no longer an object for your own sexual gratification. The only times at which you may be permitted to come are, perhaps, in my shoes to keep them warm and moist for me to wear. In fact, you should now start by cleaning my entire shoe collection… with your tongue. And be sure to get out all that crusty cum from my previous cuck husband. Oh, you thought you were the first? Ha!

Now, if you’re really, exceptionally good… I’ll use these freshly cleaned shoes to trample you with. Yes, I’ll stomp on you and grind my stiletto heels into your chest until your nipples are torn and bleed! …if you’re lucky.

There are many more rules I have to dictate to you, so listen carefully. Do as I say… you don’t want me to grow even more angry with you!