“Wow, holy cow, Tara. You’ve really overwhelmed me. You are so talented and imaginative.”

"Wow, holy cow, Tara. You've really overwhelmed me. You are so talented and imaginative."

Shoe Shopping for Your Ball Whopping


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29 June 2012

Guess what, honey! I’ve been shopping… and I can’t wait to show you just what I picked up. You see, they’re ALL different sorts of sexy shoes: pointy toes, steel heals, platform soles, round-toed booties, stilettos… And I want to show them all off to you, one by one and pair by pair. Don’t you want to see my soft feet slip into each one? I have to test them all, you see… on YOU.

I want to find out which shoes hurt the most, discover which pair brings you to your knees the fastest, and learn just how to render you helpless before me with my shoe-powered kicks for when I next need to use them against you the most. Get ready… and if you won’t get up or take too long to return to your feet each time, I’m going to grab you by the balls, drag you across the fall, and yank you back up again!