"PERFECT! So sexy the way you were talking about your lust for power and then describing what it felt like....holy shit! Totally stupefied."

I’ve Got a Hot and Sweaty, Stinky Foot and Shoe Treat for You


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3 May 2010

Oooh, my pantyhosed feet smell horrible! They’ve been soaking through my nylons and into my ballet flats all day long… so pungent! Hey, why don’t YOU come over here and enjoy them. Yes, YOU. I know what you really like. In fact, your cock is getting hard even now. You’re dying to smell my foot stink, aren’t you. Let me feed it to you then.

Just get your cock out for me and start stroking it and I’ll let you have a whiff. Yes, take it all in… every bit of odor, every touch of sweaty wetness from my long day. See the moisture between my pantyhose covered toes? See the wetness in the soles of my shoes? Feel free to lick it as well if you like. You’re at least going to sniff them dry and take in every bit of my hot, sweaty scent for me.

One last thing… I have a special treat for you when it’s time for you to pop your load for me. I’m going to add one additional, very stinky scent, blow it right into my shoe and feed it to you as you come for me…. Oh, you love that, don’t you!