"I just wanted to say thank you for the amazing video! I have been disappointed several times before with other "artists", but you always deliver!"

Teasing and Humiliating My Pay Piggy Sugar Daddy at the Shoe Store


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20 September 2013

Oh, I can’t wait to go shopping! You KNOW how happy I get when you take me out to spend your hard earned money. hee hee Oh, I bet someone is going to get lucky tonight! Remember how hot and horny I was for you after our last shopping spree together? I maxed out ALL of your cards and was so turned on! And grateful. hee hee

Today, we’re going to the mall and to my very favorite shoe store. I wonder how many pairs I can get on that new credit card you got. I better hold onto it for you. I’m the only one that will be using it anyway! Don’t worry. I have the keys to your chastity safely around my neck. If you’re really, really good, I’ll release you for some fun. Would you like that?

Now, here are the rules you MUST follow. You must open every door for me, carry my shopping bags, do everything else I might ask, buy me ANYTHING I want, and never ever fuss about any of it. Do you understand?

Oh, the salesgirl in the shoe store is going to get a big kick out of you when I tell her all about my pay piggy sugar daddy and just what I WON’T be letting you enjoy! ha!