"I think you are the bomb on so many levels and something about your eyes and Your nature makes me believe you are a real person as well."

You’re Going to Tie Yourself Up for a Big Reward


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14 October 2011

Mmmm… you’re in for a treat tonight! I know that look in your eye… I’ve got just what you want. Strike that. You NEED it! Follow my instructions and we’ll have some serious fun. I’m taking the dominant role tonight. I dish the orders. You follow my lead.

I have some special equipment as well. You’re going to be treated to tying yourself up… every inch and way that I dictate. You’re going to feel SO much intense pleasure! Your balls are going to ache, your cock is going to be SO hard, and you’re going to end up hogtied with one free hand for lapping up all that pleasure awaiting you.

If you’re REALLY good… if you follow EVERY instruction… I’ll give you a reward. I’ll tie myself up for your viewing pleasure. Want to see me that helpless? You first!

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