"You come across as so authentic, so genuine. It's just perfect."

You Asked for It


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19 July 2022

*NOW in 1080p FULL HD!

A masturbation marathon for your more specific needs and devious preferences? Something humiliating, degrading, downright painful, and purposely prolonged? Is that what you want? Well, I’m here to deliver. In fact, it’s my pleasure.

We’re going to spend a LOT of time together, just you and I building up your balls to bursting, rendering your cock and body pained and purple, and your mental state utterly degraded as we both enjoy just how smitten, obedient, and willing you are.

Will you eat your own cum? OF COURSE you will… and in the most degrading way. Will you stuff and pleasure your own asshole? OF COURSE you will… and with every twist and tweak and stab I demand of you. Will you embarrass yourself and realize just how desperate and turned on you are? OF COURSE you will… and all in your desire to please ME. Oh, you’ll enjoy a most robust and body-quivering orgasm of course, but you’ll PAY for it. Shall we begin?

I’ve been waiting ALL DAY for this! Just remember: you ASKED for it! (Ready to SERIOUSLY play along? Be sure to have a couple clothespins, a fat rubber band, a wire tie, a camera, a mirror, a cup or glass, a butt plug, and lubrication on hand.)