"This was one of the most erotic things I’ve ever watched/experienced. That's all I can manage to say for now. The blood hasn’t gone back to my brain yet."

Your Sultry Date Reveals Herself to Be a Witch with an Evil Plot to Unveil


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31 October 2009

You’re dying to follow her home after your date… you can’t believe your luck! Your date is so sexy, so alluring, and she seems REALLY into you. She keeps licking her lips and looking towards your cock! Of course, you’re going to follow her into her own bedroom, don’t mind the dimmed lights, will accept her offer of pre-poured wine… she’s getting closer, she’s getting excited, and she keeps saying she’s “been waiting a long time for this.” So have you!

But you failed to notice the full moon is out and shining brightly above, completely forgot that tonight is Halloween night, and neglected to pick up on that more secretive, devious tone in your date’s sultry voice. Where did that glass of wine come from, anyway? When you grow sleepy, you even accept your dark haired seductress’s suggestion and relax.

As you begin to fade away, you question whether your eyes are telling the truth when you faintly see your temptress struggling with you, feel tight rope wrapping around you, and here something desperate and evil in her voice before you completely black out. And when you reawaken, well, the woman you followed home has completely transformed… is she a real witch?!?! And the surprises have only just begun.