"It is a shame that POV (real POV, not that stuff others do where suddenly the perspective changes) is so hard to get, but on the other hand, you’re doing it so brilliantly that there is hardly any need for others."

Schoolgirl Lures You to Eat Your Cum for Her Amusement


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10 April 2014

Oh, you dirty boy. Did you bring me what I asked for? You’re going to need a piece of string and a condom full of your own cum for me this time. You keep coming back for more!

I’m going to really treat you this time around. I’m going to tell you just what to do with that string and that condom about to seep your own liquid down your throat as you jack off for me in true style and following every direction. Think I don’t have it in me? Do I look that innocent to you??

Ah, come on now. You know better. I’m going to tease your pants right off, your cum right out, and your lasting loyalty right towards ME! We’re counting you down to coming… exactly how I dictate. Naughty, naughty boy…