"The interaction really makes it feel like you're doing them purely for us, individually."

Guiding You through Extreme Self-Play and Cum Guzzling


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17 February 2010

Come with me… I have something special in mind for you tonight. Oh, yes! A real treat… your absolute favorite in fact. You see this lovely outfit I have all laid out for you? I picked out each item especially for you, my darling. You’re going to dress up for me… from a sexy blonde wig down to your thigh high stockings.

You pretty little thing! I shall call you Princess Spermina! You know why? Because you’re my cum guzzling slut! Oh, yes! You’re my big goo gobbler who loves the taste of his own hot cum.

Oh, you’re going to work up a big wad for me tonight… two big loads as a matter of fact! Don’t swallow the first… we’re saving that for the second round… and I’m going to guide you through some serious anal play… to fisting and self-sucking!! Who’s my little cum swallowing whore now? YOU ARE!!!