"I have a ton of your clips and really, there's no one quite like you. The perfect woman really. I have wasted a lot of tissues to you, lol."

Your Most Humiliating Orgasm Yet


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24 October 2023

*NOW in 1080p FULL HD!

You just can’t get enough, can you?  You want me to demand that you embarrass yourself… for your pleasure AND your pain.  You want me to name one nasty task after another.  You want to feel REALLY dirty.  You want me to surprise you, you want me to shock you, you want to feel like an out of control slut.  You want to feel shame, humiliation, and complete degradation.  You don’t want to even feel human… not for these moments together, just between the two of us.

You want to feel USED.  You want to be my slave at my command.  You’ll do anything that order… JUST because I order it.  Be prepared… you may not have EVER done these things before.  Your very mental health may not be okay with them.  Or maybe you’ve been dying for a beautiful woman to demand them of you.  Your dream’s about to come true.  You WILL do everything that I name, a whole slew of humiliating tasks ending in orgasm ONLY if you do everything I find so disgusting that I want YOU to perform them for me.  And you’ll do it all for me because, well, LOOK what I’m wearing!