"I just recently discovered you and your videos. My only problem is - why didn't I find you sooner?!!?"

Drilling Down into Your Pervert Psyche for a Humiliating Jerk Session


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4 November 2016

Look at you… all eager and exposed. Oh, just dying to get off, all hopelessly wanton. Can you ONLY get off if I humiliate you, embarrass you, and task you with disgusting assignments you’ve never thought of doing at all before? It’s my pleasure… and when we’re all through, I’ll show you just how much it turns ME on to see you sweat… to watch you fear for your next direction… to discover that expression on your face that appears when you’re surprised by my perverted imagination.

I’m I’m digging DEEP this time. Yes, I want to know all your dirty little secrets and naughty habits. I want to what it is you consider to be REALLY dirty. I want to make you cringe. I want to see you get in touch with your most primal self and help bring out the ANIMAL in you. I want to give you your most powerful orgasm yet… embarrassed, broken, and begging for more! I’m going to expose you and leave you more vulnerable than ever before.

You’re going to be a grinding, animalistic fiend when I’m done with you! …rubbed raw and stroking with real motivation …pained, stricken, and second-guessing your own fetishes …and wondering if today is the day you’ve gone too far, left too much evidence, and may… just beg me for your next humiliating session all the sooner!