"Your videos are incredibly sexy. The 'playful innocence' type of role suits you very well, and its apparent that you aren't faking it; it really is 100% you."

You’re So Smitten; You’ll Follow My Every Painful Command


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10 March 2017

I know why you’re here. And, believe me, I’ll deliver for you. But FIRST, before you even PLAY this video, you must begin with your cock bound. Yes, TIED. Grab string, thin rope, shoestrings, anything. Bind up your cock and balls in a flaccid state so that you can’t possibly get hard and engorged… just like being confined to a chastity device.

THEN, you can listen to what I have to say. I’ll begin by setting the rules, just a few to start with. One movement of mine means PAIN – or pleasure – for YOU. I’ll let you rest, recover, release yourself… pump your cock up big and hard, then TIE it up again, nice and stiff. Then, MORE rules come in: more commands to cause you pain and humiliation. Think of them as a test to see just how much you really enjoy being told what to do.

Oh, I’ll release you from the torment again… after a while… and then you’re going to stroke vigorously again for me as I count you down to eating your cum for me… just as I tell you to, every last drop for me. And, this time, I’ll stay with you until you lap up every last lick. Oh – and if you really want to SERIOUSLY play along – you’ll also need a big heavy, hardback book. You’ll soon find out why…