“Tara, I’m a massive fan of your work, you are the best at what you do by far!”

"Tara, I'm a massive fan of your work, you are the best at what you do by far!"

You Can’t Tell ME What to Do; I’m the One in Control of YOU, Sugar Daddy!


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9 November 2009

Oh, what do you want now? I’m trying to relax. Are you serious? You really want to start an argument now?! What is it this time? Huh? Look at you. You can barely get your words out. I don’t think you really mean what you’re saying. You don’t want me to spend so much anymore? Ha! I get whatever I want. That’s why I’m here, and you know you wouldn’t be able to last a single second without me. Now, could you?

Thinking twice about trying to put demands on me? Ha! I bet you are. Now, sit down here beside me and look me in the eyes if you want to start something. You know, I wouldn’t have to spend so much money if I didn’t get so bored cause I can never wake up your little PEE PEE!!!!!!!!!! Oh, now, you’re crying! Seriously?! Can’t take the truth, huh!?

Don’t like to hear the words come right out of my cute little mouth?! Oh, gee, now stop it. You know what I need, and you know you’re going to give it to me. Look at yourself. You’re so pathetic and helpless. What would you do without me to tell you what to do and take care of your little pee pee?

You know I love it, and I take GOOD care of it. Don’t I, Sugar Daddy!! If your tiny pee pee can’t satisfy me like a real man’s, at least I can milk it for you… and your wallet! ha!

Now, let’s milk your little pee pee, Sugar Daddy, so you start to feel all better. And while you tug that little pee pee, I’m going to tell you just what the rules around here are gonna be…