“You are the shimmering beacon of hope to me in the world of internet, where quantity surpasses quality ten thousand fold with degenerative crap which purely insults any intelligence of a man, but unfortunately yet so few of us seems to dare to demand for higher standards to meet our needs.”

Drunk Little Girl’s Seduction of Sugar Daddy Part 2


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15 March 2009

Oh, I feel so… warm and fuzzy. All over! Mmmm… my hands are so warm. Not like Daddy’s! His hands are so cold and wrinkly. They make me shiver all over! If I just get drunk enough, have a few more shots, I won’t even notice and how cool and clammy his old hands are or that eerie smile of his. I won’t even mind him touching me for the first time… not for 75 million dollars!!

I know just how to seduce him… just how to tease him. Just like this. Is this what you’ve wanted all along, Daddy?

Are these the tits you’ve wanted to touch? Is this the smooth shaved youthful pussy you want to push your long fingers into? I’m so wet already, Daddy… just try it out for yourself. Do you want to watch me come for you? I’ll show you just what you have to look forward to… if you promise to marry me!

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