"I just love the fact that you are talking to “me” in your videos and it makes the experience more private."

Drunk Little Girl’s Seduction of Sugar Daddy Part 1


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14 March 2009

Tonight is the night! I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long, long time. I have my eye on the big prize now! Tonight, I will carry out my plan and reel in my sugar daddy and seal the deal without one of those nasty prenuptial agreements. I’ve been working so hard, playing the good little girl, dressing all conservatively to please him, and acting properly so he thinks I’m just the kind of girl he wants to marry… and share his millions with! I can’t wait to have my hands on that cash and party, party, party!

I just need a shot of my favorite liquor to lubricate myself, give me a bit of extra courage, and make sure my plan is carried out perfectly. Tonight, I officially seduce that old bastard with the icky cold hands! Maybe another shot would help. Well, maybe just one more as I make my makeup a little heavier…. mmmmm, I’m feeling so good right now.

I look so hot, and I’m so horny!! Oooh, are these the tits you’ve been looking at all night, Big Daddy?? Is this how you want to touch and lick them… Is this how you want to make me feel??

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