"I'm a college athlete and have a beautiful girlfriend and yet, I end up watching your videos at least twice a day. Something about you just turns me on so much that I can't resist."

Sugar Baby Gets Liquored Up on Her Wedding Day Part 2


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29 June 2009

Oh, my goodness, I feel so sleepy now… maybe one more shot will wake me up. Better swallow down another to. “Cheers” to me and Daddy and our big wedding day!

Oh, shoot, I better get dressed now… but what to wear? Maybe another shot of liquor will help me decide. Wooooo! I feel dizzy. And wobbly. And horny!

I just have to indulge one more time. Where’s that big cock dildo of mine? Oh, my, Daddy! You’re so much bigger than I remembered you being! *hiccup* Ooooh, you want to make your little girl feel really good, don’t you? Pinch my nipples like this, Daddy! And cup my breasts, and run your cold, veiny hands all over my body! Give me a good orgasm, Daddy… it is our wedding night after all! (I’ll have you fucked to death in no time and inherit MILLIONS!)

OOOh, Daddy, you make me feel so good… I think I’m about to come!! Ahhh…. I could lie here all afternoon and just…… *hiccup* Oh, I really better get dressed! One more shot to perk me up. Oh, who needs a wedding gown? My Sugar Daddy will really love me in something much sexier! I need some heels, a mini skirt… I can’t remember if this is a shirt or a dress? Oh, Daddy will love it!

Oh, the phone’s ringing! “Hello?” “Yes, I’m ready! Come and pick me up. What? No, I haven’t been drinking… I’m just nervous… hee hee” Geeze, his family just won’t leave me alone. *gulp* *hiccup* A girl just can’t catch a break……..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz