"You are an incredible actress and the intimacy and emotional reality you create is quite unique."

You Both Have Perfectly Fine Penises


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13 April 2021

Now, what on Earth is the matter here? Did you two have a fight or something? But you’re best friends! What happened??

Are you going to tell me, or I do I have to pull it out of you? Oh, I see… you managed to get on the topic of SIZE.

Now, whether that’s because of the other boys talking at school or the internet or what have you… trust me that that is not something to fight over or be bothered by at all. And the two of you determined, my poor boy is the smaller one? Even though you thought it felt so big in your hand when you touch it?

Oh, my darling… okay, well, there’s really only one way to resolve this – even though it makes me so uncomfortable. You’re going to have to show me. Yes, you do agree that I should know what is a perfectly wonderful size, right? Then, allow me to reassure you. Just get them out quickly, and I’ll confirm that you’re both wonderfully suited.

(And I’ll make sure you’re personally, privately SELF-ASSURED of just how fine your own penis is – ESPECIALLY whomever actually has the biggest…)