"You have a great voice, a gorgeous face, a phenomenal body, but most importantly it's obvious you enjoy what you do."

Let Mommy Help You Get Off…


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13 November 2018

Aw… you saw. Yes, honey, the internet’s down. I’m so sorry. But it’s not all that bad, is it? Really?

What do you need to be on the internet for this late at night anyway? Or does Mommy have to guess? I do know some things, you know. Now, why can’t you just do what you do before bed – without the porn? Hmmm?

Can’t you just use your imagination? I really want you to get to sleep… you told me you have a big test tomorrow. Okay… okay.

Well, maybe I can help. Oh… you have no idea what your mother is capable of. I know a thing or two about you men and what you like.

Let me just try, okay? I bet I can guess what kind of… stimulation… you need…