"I've seen people that put such a half assed attempt into doing a clip and when I watch you over again, I realise that it probably isn't easy and how much effort and skill goes into your clips."

It’s All Going to Be Perfectly Fine 3


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29 December 2020

It’s Christmas…. can you believe it? And we’ve been… STUCK together, alone together, for so so long. But… I think these have been the BEST months of my life. No, I KNOW they have been.

And the most agony. Because… I spend every waking day wondering, guessing, anxious about what YOU are thinking. IF you’re thinking what I am, WANTING what I am. And… I just can’t take it anymore.

I have to ask you to tell me. Be honest with me. Do you want what I want? Do you want what we both know we can’t have??

FUCK!!! I want you so FUCKING BAD! Tell me… stroke it… touch yourself the way you want me to touch it. Tell me what you want to do… to me.