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Mommy Knows Exactly What You Want


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13 February 2020

You’re on the floor, playing video games.  Your mother just stepped in to take care of a few chores.  Sure, she may nag you a bit about your messiness as she picks up after her darling boy, but she really doesn’t mind.  In fact, she adores you, and you adore watching her from your ideal view lying on the floor as she steps over you, past you, bends over, her skirt fluttering up just a bit to reveal her silky slip and satin panties.

Oh, what a wonderful, perfect view it is… and then, your mother notices your hard on.  You can’t hide that.  But she can guess just what caused it, and she knows it needs to be taken care of.

Standing over you, she encourages you to jerk for her… and cum for your mother… and enjoy how her satin panties feel against your young face…

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