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Caught! …in Mommy’s Dresser Drawer


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10 January 2017

How DARE you!  I just… I can’t believe… it’s just… NOT RIGHT!  How COULD you?!?!  I just don’t know what to do… with you… in my dresser drawer??  Playing with Mommy’s panties?!

I need to teach you a lesson… make sure you realize… make sure you never ever do it again.  It’s just so… WRONG.  I don’t know what to do…  I’m YOUR MOTHER.  You should just never…  And Mommy’s silky gloves?!

I see that look… I know that twinkle in your eye… I’ll make sure you never ever do it again… never want to do it again.  I’ll make it feel naughty… wrong… DIRTY.

You’ll never want to do it again after you do it… in front of Mommy.

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