"Even though I'm not normally a fan of the simulated stuff, I find your work amazing."

Mommy Is All the Woman You’ll Ever Need


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8 May 2020

When I discover what you’ve been hiding on your personal computer… well, I just can’t believe MY BOY would have such a massive… such a heaving… such a dirty collection of PORN!

I can’t begin to guess why you’ve spent so much time collecting it all, why you need so much… stimulation.  I mean… don’t you have enough already – all you ever need – right here at home?

Honey, mommy doesn’t like seeing all those OTHER women on your computer.  I’m not really the jealous type but… I’m going to just hit the Delete key and show you… why you’ll never want to look at that nasty porn again.

Loot at me, honey.  Look at your mother.  Look closely at what’s right here in front of you…

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