“I can’t put into words how good you are.”

"I can't put into words how good you are."

You’re Not Staring at Mommy’s Bottom When She Bends Over, Are You?


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8 August 2017

Mommy’s very glad to have you back home from college… it’s so nice to have a man around the house again… What did I come to your room for? Well… I left something in here… maybe… yes! I lost my earrings! The silver ones.

I just need to look for them… maybe they’re stuck between these couch cushions… You’re not looking down Mommy’s top, are you… while I’m leaning over?? Well, why don’t you help me look for them. Come sit down while I check this cushion…

You’re not looking at Mommy’s bottom while I’m bending over, are you?? Maybe the earrings are on the floor… you’re not looking at Mommy’s panties while I’m crawling around with my ass in the air, are you!

I think you’re getting hard… yes, you must be getting hard looking at Mommy! You dirty boy… Is it Mommy’s ass that gets you hard? Is it Mommy’s titties that you want? Or do you get hard when Mommy’s legs are spread – like this – and you see Mommy’s panties?

Are you getting harder? Do you need to touch your cock while you watch Mommy play with her panties? Do you?!