"Thank you, I haven't had this much fun masturbating in quite a while."

Like Her Body? Then, Live in It!


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23 September 2013

What’s that?!  Why are you staring at some blonde on your computer?  Oh, you haven’t just… no, you didn’t… you know better than to disrespect me… to cross me.  Oh, no, don’t try to run away.  Yes, you know what you’ve done now.  You know when I’ve reached my limit.

Yes, if you love staring at other women so much, if you like looking at one so much, you must really want to BE her!  In a moment, I’ll have you turned into a woman yourself, swapping your body for hers!

There’s no looking back… you’re going to be treated just as you’ve treated me.  I’m going to dress you up in all the tight, uncomfortable, ridiculous clothes you’ve bought me and begged me to prance around in for you.  You’re going to dress up for me, model for me, be my doll just like you’ve wanted me to be.  And then, I’m going to fuck you.

Yes, we’re trading places; I’m going to be the man in this relationship now.  I’m going to dress you, use you, talk down to you, take you, then make you do all the tasks around the house you THINK are my job just because I’m a woman!