“Your clips have been so brilliant.”

"Your clips have been so brilliant."

No Sympathy? Then, I’m Going to Force You to Feel What It’s Like to Be a Woman


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18 December 2009

Oh… I hate this time of month! I’m in so much pain; I don’t even want to move. Will you bring me some pain killers… PLEASE?!?! What, no sympathy for me?! What’s wrong with you? You know what? It’s time that you took my monthly cycle seriously… and womanhood to boot!

You need to learn just what I go through, exactly what it’s like to have your period every month. We’ll see how you like that! Now, a man wouldn’t have a period, so you’re going to have to dress like a woman. That’s right. Get those clothes off and put this sexy wrap dress on. You want to leave room for that cramping abdomen and your water weight gain… Now, teeter there in those high heels, and remember to smile despite those big panties stretched across your ass! You’re a woman and you have to always be sweet and look great!

Now, pack up your purse and fill it to the brim with your feminine hygiene products…. wait… you’re going to wear this used sanitary napkin I’m wearing now… don’t let it stick to your legs! And save one SUPER size tampon for me to show you how to insert. That’s right… you’re going to wear them all day, for the full week, just like I have to.

You’re going to work dressed like a woman, using the ladies room whenever I tell you to to change your underwear and period paraphernalia, and try aimlessly to relieve the terrible cramps you’re going to feel once you take these laxatives with that tampon securely up your ass….