"You are a world class beauty. Sexy is 80% attitude and your videos are incredible. I have never met a woman who can excite me more with the simple bat of an eyelash or a look in your eyes. You really should try and teach women what sexy means. You have a special talent."

Swapping My Secretarial Job for Your High-Powered Career and So Much More


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10 August 2012

I can’t believe it. You STILL have it so much better than me even despite me taking your height and swapping your manly muscles with my smaller ones. You look at me like I’m nothing, just like everyone else at my job. You still make so much more money than I do, are respected, get to wear comfortable shoes, and are treated like a professional. You have no idea how good you have it… because of me or despite me.

But I know what I’m capable of now… I know what I have the power to do… I know I don’t have to let another single day go by suffering as I am. I know I can swap with you any time that I want to. I know that I can take away any trait of yours and make it mine. I can plague you with any and ALL of my own traits that I despise. If I just concentrate enough… if I just tease and threaten you enough… if I get upset enough… I can do it again.

I can swap your job with mine… YOU can be the one in high heels, getting paid less, and being harassed on the job with no end in sight. You can be the one in the lowly position, demeaned by menial tasks, and noticed for only your body and not your mind. Oh, and that’s not the half of it. I’m giving you my PERIOD too!!!