“You are AMAZING! You know how to make a man feel special!”

"You are AMAZING! You know how to make a man feel special!"

A Spontaneous Body Transfer Sends a Sexy Devious StepMom Off to Boarding School by Mistake


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9 September 2016

Can it be? Oh, yes. One minute, mean stepmom is berating her step-teen; the next moment, she’s finding herself in a teen body about to be carried off to boarding school! Is it really happening? Yes, it is! Call it karma… or just the work of a genius teenage prankster getting revenge on her mean, mean stepmom.

A simple remote device causes a transfer this vampy trophy wife has never knew to be possible…. she’s losing her prized tits, her long blond locks, her perfect manicure and curves… even her mature voice has changed into a squeeky, high-pitched teenaged whine… all while she despairingly watches the gawky teen in front of her grow taller, curvier, and more beautiful than even she is…. WAS.

Stepmom’s throwing a fit… because after confessing that she IS actually using her husband for his money just to drive her step-teen mad before being sent off to boarding school… the boarding school representative only recognizes the NEW teen in the house.