“I looooove your work! I’m always so excited to see what you’re doing next!”

"I looooove your work! I'm always so excited to see what you're doing next!"

Where My Real Power Lies


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21 April 2017

Oh, I’m just a hopeless, hapless damsel in distress, calling out for my big hero to come and save me… or am I? Well, maybe I am just in disguise, hiding my own superheroine outfit in favor of beckoning a superhero my way. I just feel like playing… I know that once I have ANY superhero within reach, his cause is hopeless, his cock is hard, and he’s ALL MINE.

I just love tricking them though. What will his face look like this time when I remove my cover and reveal myself to be the most powerful superheroine of all? Oh, he’ll be happy… he MUST dream of me. I’ll tie him down, tease him with my strong fingertips, and then treat him to the most amazing view of all: my nude body. He’ll be putty in my hands and spurt like a geyser!