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I’m Going to Ruin Your Orgasm This Morning Just When You Need Release the Most


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9 January 2015

I’ve been practicing. Oh, yes. I have my technique perfected. I know just when you crave release most, just when you’re dying to come, and just when I can cause you the most torment and utter agony. You can’t have it. Not now.

And I know you love it: to be withheld, prevented, not permitted… for your orgasm to be ruined. You’ll need lots of slithery lubrication. I’m going to tease you with intermittent fast or slow strokes… heating you up and cooling you down again until I know I’m about to completely break you. You’re going to stop and start and stop again all on my command.

A fake countdown? You bet! Maybe a few… you know this is just what I love to do to you. I like to see you suffer. It makes you crave it more, want it more, almost weep for it. Is it my ass you’re eyeing… my legs… my tits? Oh, you’re going to be positively dripping for it… then I’ll tell you just how to RUIN it.