"Virtual sex with you is just incredible and for me has been more stimulating then actual sex, that's how good your are, girl! You have talked me to some of the greatest orgasms of my life."

I’ll Deny You through the Very Last Minute


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13 May 2011

What are you peering at? Are you turned on so easily? Enjoying the view of my body in my silk nightgown? You’re so hard already… how are you ever going to last if I encourage you to stroke it and want you to come when I dictate?

How are you ever going to manage that kind of stamina when you must already be positively dying to come and release all that pent up tightness and cum in your balls? Look at you… stiff as a board, aching, almost twitching with the agony. And I’m going to make you wait for it.

I want to see your balls inflate, your cock filling with even more rushing hot blood, your testicles fattening up like plump plums! And then, maybe, just MAYBE, I’ll let you come… but I doubt it.

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