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Think You’re Swollen Enough to Earn Release?


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26 June 2011

Mmmmm…. are you looking at me THAT way again? You just can’t help it. I know you. You’re practically always hard, always ready to come, always in need of release. Can’t wait for me this time? Thought you’d sneak a peek and jerk one out while I’m still sleeping. Think again, honey.

You’re going to stroke it for me right now, just wank away while I watch and guide you. I want to see you really hurting for it. I mean, SERIOUSLY dying for that orgasm. I want you to think of all of that cum streaming from your balls and ready to shoot out all over the place. Think about how high and tight your balls are, about how rock hard your dick is, how it’s swelling like a balloon about to burst.

Feel that? Like that? Well, get used to it!

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